Friday, June 11, 2010

The Preschool Field Day and Black &White Film

Today 5 year old Julia and the rest of her preschool had a field day at the local public playground. It is a great spot for an event and extra bonus, it has indoor plumbing, as in -- a bathroom with flush toilet, sink with soap (and hand sanitizer), paper cups and extra rolls of TP!

Now that we have the essentials out of the way, the play and eat part was the favorite of the kids, of course. One child kept coming over to me when I shot a photo and would commandeer the camera to "see" the picture on the back of the camera. He just couldn't understand that it was a 35 mm film camera. Imagine how surprised he would be if he knew I was shooting with black and white film!

Julia resists even watching old movies that have "grey" pictures. A favorite of mine is Lilies of the Field with Sidney Portier. Once she starts watching and becomes engaged in the story, she forgets that it is black and white.

One of the other moms at field day today said when she looks at a black and white photo she feels "at rest". What a nice way to describe it. She went on to say that there is not so much calling for her attention, as there is with color.
Well, imagine that! I posted two days in a row. Please send me a message if you think you might like this blog....and now, for a little about ME!

I am a joyously married wife and mother. I can't believe the blessing of living with and being married to The Love of My Life for 33+ years. We have seven children, ages 29 down to 5! So...am I a college mom,(4 out of college), a soccer mom (2 in high school), or a playgroup mom?
My goal is to be wife, mom and self, all in the Catholic Christian model. Join me on life's journey!

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