Friday, June 18, 2010

A share in the beauty - Flowers

This year when I started my Garden Journal, I subtitled it:
"The Whole Universe Declares God's Glory and He lets me Have Some of it in My Garden!"

So all summer, which sometimes feels rather short in New England, I play in my gardens. I sit on the ground and dig out weed, I move plants around, and in general I enjoy what is growing nearby.

I have created small gardens near the patio and in pots on the patio, growing hostas, tomatoes, herbs, and a few small flowering plants. They cleanse my in spirit.

As I sit here typing, I have a small crock next to me with this season's offereings... day lily, primrose, daisy, lady's mantle, and a couple variegated hosta leaves. It is not an overwhelmingly colorful display, but it is pleasing in its many shades of greens, white and yellow. And it lets me have a little of God's Glory in my home.

So even if you have to make a vase full of grasses and leaves due for the" flowers" on your table, enjoy, and notice -- there are many different kinds of leaves and foliage that can make a stuning display!

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